Wedding Fairs Online

Overview for Wedding Suppliers

When a bride and groom books their wedding reception, the venue introduces them to Wedding Fairs Online and provides a discount card with an access code which enables them to register on The service consists of wedding exhibitors listed by classification with a maximum of four exhibitors in any classification for any venue (e.g. photographers, flowers, cakes, etc.).Eager to see the discounted services, the bride registers, selects the services she is interested in and her details are then sent by email to all of the exhibitors within her chosen services.

Wedding Fairs Online instantly connects the bride and groom with the venue’s online list of professional wedding suppliers. You can then communicate directly with the bride and groom and promote your wedding business with real brides.

Think of the service as an Online Wedding Fair, available to couples 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering great savings and helping them to plan every aspect of their big day.

Each exhibitor must offer a percentage discount to the brides and grooms of the venues with which they are associated.

The incentive for each couple to use the service is that they can save up to €1500 or more off the cost of their wedding, depending on how many exhibitors they choose to book.

The couples using Wedding Fairs Online will be considering your services from a very early stage in their wedding planning, long before they start to book suppliers from online directories or other sources.

More importantly, you will receive an email with the contact details for every bride and groom who registers on the service for each venue which you are associated with, once they indicate that they are interested in your type of service.

The bride and groom can also click through to your own website and by clicking on an enquiry button for you, can send a direct enquiry to you containing their own message.

Wedding Directory Websites

  • Up to 100 advertisers listed in each classification.
  • List possibly sorted based on which advertisers pay the most.
  • One thing is guaranteed - the more advertisers that are added to your classification the less enquiries you will receive.

Wedding Fairs Online

  • Maximum of 4 exhibitors in each classification for any particular venue.
  • List sorted randomly and fairly.
  • One thing is guaranteed - the more advertisers that are added to your classification the less enquiries you will receive.

Sunday Afternoon Wedding Fairs

  • Limited time (average 4 hours) to meet couple in attendance.
  • Not all couples attend the wedding fairs at their particular Venue.
  • Attendance can be affected by weather, sporting events on the same day, and even other wedding fairs on the same day.
  • No incentives to make bookings on the day.

Wedding Fairs Online

  • For a lower cost than a traditional wedding fair, Wedding Fairs Online will allow you to participate in an online wedding fair 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Most couples will visit the online wedding fair because they can do so easily and at their leisure.
  • The opportunity to make considerable savings on their wedding costs will ensure that

In addition to the benefits to your existing customers, Wedding Fairs Online will allow you to promote your business directly to couples who have not yet booked their wedding venue.