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Tips on how to include you’re Dog in your Wedding Day Celebrations

07 Dec 17

For many people, their dogs have become members of the family, and not including them in something as special as a wedding would be unthinkable. From the choice of venue to designer outfits to proudly featuring on the wedding cake, some dogs have it all!

Myself & my now husband are doggie parents for over 5 years now, we have a little Yorkshire Terrier named “Cash” after Johnny Cash, he is 100% part of our family, so we decided “Cash” had to be part our Wedding Day.

For us we knew taking “Cash” to the Chapel may not be the best idea, we didn’t need a leg being lifted on the train of a dress type of situation to arise!!!! So “Cash” just took part in the morning of our Wedding Day.  


There are a few things to think off in advance if you are going to have your dog be part of your wedding day.

Is your Dog ok around big crowds – Weddings can be overwhelming for us never mind our dog. We had a small intimate family wedding, 40 of our closest family & 25 of our friends invited to the evening celebrations. We still knew that even with only 40 people it was all going to be too much for “Cash” hence why he only took part in the morning part of the wedding day.

What role is your dog going to play at your wedding - Whether he/she is the ring bearer or the dog of honor, start preparing early for the tasks he/she is going to perform on the day.

Have a good Dog Sitter – Whether your dog is taking part in the day itself or staying at home be sure to have a good reliable dog sitter organised in plenty of time. You will be so busy on the day of your own wedding that you won’t have time to be making sure the dog has been fed, taken to the toilet etc. so have someone else in charge of all that.

Does your Wedding Venue allow Dogs – With all the hype & organising it would be easy to forget to ask your venue if they allow dogs. You really don’t want to show up on the day with your little furry friend in toe to realise the venue has a strict no pet policy.

Book a trip to the groomer – We all want to look our best on our Wedding Day but your dog wants to look their best too, so book a trip to the groomers a few days before the wedding.

Pick an outfit for your pooch – There are so many cute options to dress your dog up on your wedding day, tuxedos, coloured ties, dresses, flowers etc. but make sure it is comfortable & appropriate for you doggie, nothing too tight, you want your doggie to be happy & content.


Ways to include your dog if they are not going to the Wedding – There are lovely ways you can include your dog in your big day even if they are not going to be there

  • Invitations – We had a paw print incorporated into the design on our Wedding Invites
  • Favours – You could have doggie themed wedding favours at your reception
  • Why not have a doggie themed table plan or table numbers
  • Personalised cake topper – we had myself, my hubby & Cash as our cake topper

Doggy Themed Wedding Stationery

Doggy Themed Wedding Favours

Doggy Wedding Cake Topper


Hopefully this Doggy related Blog has given you some ideas on how to include your 4 legged friend in your big day.

Happy Wedding Planning

Ann Marie



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