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Have you said "Yes" to the Dress yet ??

28 Nov 17

There are lots of highs and lows during the process of picking your perfect wedding dress. It all starts out wonderful you’re looking online and thinking every dress is fab & I'm going to look amazing in all of them...

So then you pick the date, round up your bride squad and get prepared to feel like a princess for the day. The day for wedding dress shopping arrives, you arrive at the 1st Bridal shop so full of excitement – it’s going to be amazing – all the dresses are going to be fantastic on me, well this was me & I’m afraid my 1st day bridal dress shopping didn’t quite go as planned.

A few things I would advise before going shopping for your bridal gown, try to have some idea of a style of dress you would like, fitted, princess, straps, high neck, low cut & budget because it is so easy to get mesmerised once you enter the land of a bridal showroom.

A wedding is family event but when it comes to dress shopping less is more, if your bride squad is too big you are going to have conflicting opinions on every dress and this will soon make you feel deflated, more isn’t always merrier.

My 1st experience of dress shopping really deflated me it was a bridal sale & to be honest more like a stampede of wedding crazed women running towards dresses and pulling them of rails and each other, within 5 minutes of being in this environment I knew I’d made a mistake. I left the store feeling so deflated, what I thought was going to be a lovely special day turned out to be the total opposite.

When I got home I remember going through the stage of thinking – I don’t need a dress I will wear something I have instead of having to face that mayhem ever again, but no I regrouped, recharged and took the plunge booking an appointment in a different bridal shop for the following week.

Day 2 arrived this time I had decided to just take my mum along, I thought she knows me better than anyone and her opinion is really important to me so off we went. I didn’t really know what to expect from Day 2.

Myself & my mum arrived for our appointment we were met by lovely women in a nice relaxed environment, they asked me what my budget was and what type dresses I would like to try on, I explained that I would like a wide dress with a high neck, they then led me to the fitting room where I waited while they picked out dresses and took them too me. This was more like it, now this felt lovely.

I waited patiently, nervously in the changing room, then the lady arrived though the curtain holding the most fabulous wedding dress I had ever seen I just knew this was it before I had even tried it on, I remember asking her the price as I thought to look at the dress it would be way out of my price range, she replied “oh no dear this is within your budget I wouldn’t show you anything that was outside your price range”. I was gobsmacked this fantastic dress was in my price range.

I stepped into the dress & wow there it was that feeling people had been telling me about, I was in love!!!! I stepped out of the changing room & straight away when I saw my mums face I knew she was as overwhelmed as me, I must have stood for half an hour in the dress while the ladies tried different shoes, hairpieces, veils. I didn’t want to take the dress off. I finally felt like a princess in my beautiful wedding dress & couldn’t wait to wear it on my Wedding Day, so ladies don’t despair or lose hope your perfect dress is out there just waiting to be found.

Me in my Dress on my Wedding Day



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Happy Wedding Dress Shopping Ladies

Ann Marie xx