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Why Ireland is the perfect location for your wedding

28 Mar 18

With an ever-increasing tourism industry, people who visit the gorgeous destinations in Ireland, return for more of its natural island beauty for their weddings.

Sitting in a picturesque corner of the Atlantic, stone’s throw distance from mainland Europe, Ireland has been host to some remarkably memorable weddings. With a history steeped in romance, the gorgeous Irish landscapes are verdant with castles, country estates, getaway homes, holiday resorts, and fantastic people. Loving called ‘The Emerald Isle’ by locals, the people of Ireland are known for their warm, welcoming natures, broad smiles, and huge hearts.

Whether you’re an Irish native or a foreigner, planning a wedding in Ireland can be a fun task since the Irish are remarkably well prepared and are ready to assist couples with their wedding planning, venue, detailed shopping, and ceremonies.

Let us look at some reasons why Ireland is the perfect wedding location and why you should consider hosting your wedding here.


The Irish have some of the most welcoming marriage laws. It is possible for non-residents to register their marriage and have a civil ceremony in Ireland. This is one of the most significant plus points for couples wishing to tie the knot here. Many countries do not allow foreign nationals and non-residents to register their weddings locally. At such times, couples have to register their marriages in their home countries and then have a celebration at their chosen wedding destination.

In Ireland, with the correct identification and paperwork, you can consult with a Registrar of Marriages to get a Marriage Registrar Form or Marriage License. Regardless of ceremony type, non-residents have to post their Marriage Registration Form a minimum of 3 months prior to their marriage. The law also supports religious ceremonies for residents and non-residents with the correct paperwork. Religious services will require an additional meeting with the registrar 5 days before the ceremony and the process itself will take at least 3 months itself.


Irish Wedding Traditions:

Couples tying the knot in Ireland usually choose to inculcate a few Irish wedding traditions into their ceremonies as a proof of their love to each other and Ireland. Irish history originally dates back several millennia, and couples traveling to Ireland for their weddings should not miss out on these.

  • A sixpence or coin is placed in the left shoe of the bride to symbolize wealth and flow of finances and money in the new house.
  • Brides wear their hair in braids with lace and ribbon woven through to symbolize feminine luck and power.
  • The couple clasps their hands together, and a brightly coloured rope, cord, or ribbon is used to tie their hands together. This tradition is where the term ‘tie the knot’ originally stems from.
  • Guests are given small wedding bells to ring during the ceremony to ward off evil spirits and promote good fortune for the couple getting married.



While it is true that Ireland should be your dream wedding destination, many couples are at a loss of which site to choose.

Here are a few tips for couples wishing to tie the knot in Ireland.

  • Select whether you and your partner would prefer an indoor ceremony or an outdoor one. You could make a selection of both and have the wedding indoors with the reception and party outdoors.
  • Get an idea of the backdrop you would like. Ireland has everything to offer from coastline ceremonies, forest backdrops, and botanical gardens to cathedral weddings, castle weddings, and quaint cottage weddings. Some people prefer two venues with a gap between the wedding and reception so that wedding guests can enjoy their Irish holiday.
  • When deciding upon a venue, ensure that the place chosen resonates with your personal view of the wedding. Irish sites are entirely dependent upon the weather conditions. If you are planning a spring wedding, do not visit your venue in winter.



It is but natural that the wealth of resources available is limitless. You can hire the services of a local Irish wedding management company, wedding coordinators, local caterers, Irish décor, and also get assistance with the photography, videography, music, and sound, and wedding favours. If you’re someone traveling from afar for your Irish Wedding it would be brilliant to purchase from Irish vendors for a truly authentic experience (Budget permitting of course!).

Whether you’re looking for a traditional look or a modern style; Ireland has it all. If you’re wanting the classic blue dress and wildflower wreath combination or you’d love a traditional Claddagh ring or maybe want to follow current trends with a more contemporary rose gold ring, Irelands amazing vendors have got you covered.

Many wedding planners will also help in destination selection, planning, executing, and managing the entire wedding. They may also assist in creating trips and excursions for you and your guests during your visit to their beautiful country.

This guest post was completed for Wedding Fairs Online by Katie Jones 

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