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Winter Wedding Ceremony Decor Inspiration

19 Dec 17

We love Winter Weddings here at Wedding Fairs Online. So we have put together some Decor Options to help you Create a Magical Setting for your Winter Wedding Ceremony  

This is a lovely option for an Intimate Gathering - the candle light creates a lovely warm welcoming setting while the hanging fairy lights add a little quirky feel to the room 

We love this Decor for a larger room, again the candle light is warm & welcoming - the white flower petals add a real romantic feel to the room 

If you are having a Church Wedding around Christmas this a fab way to add some Christmas Magic 

There is a beautiful luxurious feel to this setting - The Gorgous Red Rose arrangements add a real touch of class & romance 

Why not add a real Christmas Touch with these beautiful dried arrangements for the back of your chairs 

Stunning Winter Wonderland Ceremony Setting 


We hope our Blog on Winter Wedding Ceremony Decor has given you ideas & inspiration on how to create your own Winter Wonderland Wedding Ceremony, check out our Fantastic Professional Wedding Decor Specialists on  

Happy Wedding Planning 

Ann Marie xx



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